interview atari ceo fred chesnais

Atari, the legendary gaming company that revolutionized the industry in the 1970s with its groundbreaking arcade and home console games, has seen its fair share of ups and downs over the years. However, under the leadership of CEO Fred Chesnais, Atari is making a comeback in the modern gaming landscape. In a recent interview, Chesnais shared his insights on the company’s past, present, and future, shedding light on Atari’s strategy to reclaim its position as a leading player in the industry.

The Resurgence of Atari

Chesnais began by addressing Atari’s recent resurgence and how the company has managed to regain its relevance in the gaming market. He attributed this success to a combination of factors, including a focus on nostalgia-driven gaming experiences and a commitment to innovation. Chesnais emphasized that while Atari acknowledges its rich history, it is not solely relying on past achievements to drive its future success. Instead, the company is actively developing new games and technologies that cater to both long-time Atari fans and a new generation of gamers.

Embracing the Power of Nostalgia

One of the key strategies employed by Atari is capitalizing on the power of nostalgia. Chesnais acknowledged that many gamers who grew up playing Atari games have a deep emotional connection to the brand. As a result, Atari has been able to tap into this sentiment by releasing updated versions of classic games, such as “Pong” and “Centipede,” while also creating new titles that pay homage to the company’s iconic past. Chesnais believes that nostalgia-driven gaming experiences have a unique appeal that sets Atari apart from its competitors.

Expanding into New Frontiers

While nostalgia plays a significant role in Atari’s strategy, Chesnais also emphasized the importance of innovation and expanding into new frontiers. He highlighted Atari’s foray into blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, stating that the company sees great potential in these areas. By leveraging blockchain, Atari aims to create a decentralized gaming platform that offers unique opportunities for players and developers alike. Chesnais believes that this move will not only attract new audiences but also position Atari as a pioneer in the gaming industry once again.

Furthermore, Chesnais discussed Atari’s plans to enter the world of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). He expressed excitement about the possibilities these technologies present and how they can enhance the gaming experience. By embracing VR and AR, Atari aims to create immersive and interactive games that push the boundaries of traditional gaming. Chesnais believes that these emerging technologies will play a crucial role in shaping the future of the industry.

Building a Strong Community

In addition to nostalgia and innovation, Chesnais stressed the importance of building a strong community around the Atari brand. He highlighted the company’s efforts to engage with its fans through various channels, including social media, events, and partnerships. Chesnais believes that fostering a sense of community is vital for Atari’s success as it allows the company to connect with its audience on a deeper level and receive valuable feedback. By actively involving the community in the development process, Atari aims to create games that resonate with players and keep them engaged for years to come.


Under the leadership of CEO Fred Chesnais, Atari is experiencing a renaissance in the gaming industry. By combining nostalgia-driven gaming experiences with a commitment to innovation, Atari is successfully reclaiming its position as a leading player in the market. Chesnais’ vision for the future of Atari includes expanding into new frontiers such as blockchain technology and virtual reality, while also building a strong community around the brand. With these strategies in place, Atari is poised to once again make a significant impact on the gaming world, capturing the hearts of both long-time fans and a new generation of gamers.

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